Bring out the eerieness in the story 'The Tiger In The Tunnel  around 200 words

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In the story ,the author points out that life is dynamic and moves on despite sufferings and deaths. He conveys this by narrating the story of a brave watchman at a small wayside signal stop , performed his duty sincerely and fearlessly.
one night he encountered a tiger .he saw that the tiger was moving towards him . the movement the tiger pounced upon him, he attacked the tiger with his axe and almost severed its leg from his body . unluckily , baldeo's axe stuck in the bone of the tiger leg and he was left with no weapon to defend that tiger the movement the tiger saw nothing in baldeo's hand it jumped upon him and baldeo's was left dead.
soon as the tiger as i said was also injured ran and was crushed by the engine of the train.
tembu and his family were plunged in grief for two days , but tembu realised that life had to go on so took his father's axe and took his father's place and did his work sincerely and fearlessly.

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