Bring out the difference between written English and spoken English?answer in detail

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While there are many differences, I would say that the primary difference lies in the discussion of how much more difficult written English is to learn than spoken English.  Both require practice and improvement through constant interaction.  Yet, in my mind, the latter is something that can be picked up and enhanced through constant discussion.  I think that you are allowed a bit more flexibility in trying to convey meaning through spoken English, with the use of hand gestures, directional objectives, as well as being able to coax the other person to assist in the process of clarification.  The former is more independent of being able to to need direction.  I think that in writing English, one has to be able to do more with less in terms of the other person.  The reader is attempting to be persuaded on your point of view and writing is more of a process of convincing than assistance.  I think that writing is also a process that is more difficult "to get right" than spoken English.  In speaking, there is the assistance or the help to become more accurate which is offered through feedback in writing, but the actual product itself is more independent and, in my mind, more difficult.