What were the greatest accomplishments of Roman civilization?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Different people can, of course, give different answers to this question.  Let us look at a few things that could be seen as Rome’s greatest achievements.

  • Rome conquered a vast empire.  The Roman Empire was huge, particularly when you consider how long it took to travel in those times.  The fact that Rome was able to conquer lands far from Rome itself is certainly an accomplishment.
  • Rome maintained control over the empire for a very long time.  There were some other groups, like the Macedonians under Alexander, who conquered large empires, but none of them managed to keep their empires relatively stable and coherent for centuries the way Rome did.
  • Rome built many amazing things.  The fact that the Romans, with their level of technology, could build the roads and the aqueducts that they did is truly impressive.  It took a great deal of technical knowledge (without a good system of numbers to use for doing math) and an impressive level of organization to achieve this.

Any or all of these three things can be seen as the greatest accomplishments of Roman civilization.

gosaints16 | Student

The Roman civilization had many great accomplishments, some of which we use today.

1.  The Roman alphabet is still used today by us.

2.  Their Latin language is used by us as well.

3.  The first roads were invented by the Romans. Some of their old roads are still used today.

4.  They were also known for their baths, aqueducts, and theaters, 

5.  The Romans were the first to have laws put in writing. These laws were known as the Justinian Code.

6. They created aqueducts which brought water into the city.

7.  Concrete was another accomplishment we also use.

These were just a few of the many Roman accomplishments.  What a great influence they have on the world.