Briefly summarize Chapter 7 of "The Hound of the Baskervilles"?

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On the way back to Baskerville Hall, Dr. watson is overtaken by Mr. Stapleton, who wishes him to come for a visit to Merripit House, the Stapleton home.  On their way through Grimpen Moor, the two observe a small calf sinking and pitifully dying in the marshes, showing how dangerous the place is to unwary travellers.

At the Stapleton home, Dr. Watson is introduced to Miss Stapleton, Mr. Stapleton's "sister" (more on her later on in the book).  She seems much different from her brother, but possesses a quiet beauty.  Dr. Watson confonts her with her plea to Sir Henry to return to London, but she dismisses it as a "woman's whim."  Dr. Watson's suspicions are aroused.