Briefly give the gist of Books 3,4  and 5 from Homer's Iliad.

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noahvox2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Iliad 3, we have a duel between Menelaus and Paris/Alexander. The winner of the duel will determine who gets "Helen and all her treasure." After the duel, the two armies will make a peace treaty and the war will end. Menelaus would have won the duel, but the goddess Aphrodite intervenes and rescues Paris. The book ends with Paris and Helen in their bedroom at Troy, while the Greeks were claiming that Menelaus was victorious.

In Iliad 4, however, hostilities are renewed as Athena inspires one of the Trojans to shoot an arrow at Menelaus. Much of the rest of the book is spent with Agamemnon stirring some of the other leading Greeks to action. The book ends with the Greeks and Trojans fighting vigorously against each other.

Iliad 5 is one of the most delightful and interesting books in the epic as the Greek Diomedes goes on a major rampage. Students of Roman literature will note an appearance by Aeneas, hero of Vergil's Aeneid. Diomedes knocks Aeneas unconscious with a massive boulder, but Aphrodite rescues Aeneas (he is her son). Diomedes will not be stopped, though. Inspired by Athena, Diomedes attacks and wounds Aphrodite and then wounds Ares himself, who had come to aid Aphrodite.