Briefly explain what happens to the narrator in "The Red Room" and indicate if the ghost is responsible or not.

What happens to the narrator in "The Red Room" is that he gradually becomes unhinged by fear. During his night in the red room he feels incredibly uneasy, as if there's a ghostly presence lurking around. Eventually, the poor man becomes so scared that he goes into a panic, which results in his banging his head against the wall. No ghost is responsible for any of this. The narrator has simply been undone by fear.

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Somewhat foolishly, as it turns out, the narrator decides to spend the night in the eponymous red room, which is located in a big old scary castle. Even those who don't consider themselves particularly superstitious might hesitate before doing such a thing. But not the narrator; he's confident that he will sleep soundly where others before him have gone out of their minds with fear.

However, it soon becomes apparent that...

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