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The Joy Luck Club

by Amy Tan

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Briefly explain how Lindo got out of her marriage without losing faith in chapter 3, "The Red Candle."

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In "The Red Candle," the third chapter of The Joy Luck Club, Lindo wants desperately to get out of her marriage, however, doing so would cause her to shame her parents and disrespect her culture.  So Lindo concocts a story that uses the elements of Chinese culture against her in-laws.  She basically draws upon the superstitions that are widely held and manipulates these to her best interest.  She tells her mother-in-law that the family elder came to her in a dream and warned her to get out of the marriage.  She claims that he told her that her teeth would begin to fall out and that disease would come to her husband if she did not leave the marriage.  Lindo shows her mother-in-law the open space left from a rotted tooth and the large mole that is on Tyan-yu's back.  Her mother-in-law becomes afraid and starts to believe Lindo.  Finally, Lindo tells her that Tyan-yu should be married to one of the servant girls who is secretly pregnant, and in this way gets out of her marriage without disgracing her family.

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