Briefly discuss Brabantio's attitude towards Othello.

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Brabantio is a senator, and thus a powerful man in Venice. He is outraged by his daughter Desdemona's elopement with the Othello, who he clearly regards as racially inferior.

She, in spite of nature,
Of years, of country, credit, every thing,
To fall in love with what she fear'd to look on!
It is a judgment maim'd and most imperfect
That will confess perfection so could err
Against all rules of nature.

Claiming that Othello must have used "foul charms" to trick his daughter into marriage, he appeals to his colleagues in the Senate to retrieve her from the Moor, but is rebuffed. Encouraged by Iago, he then disowns his daughter, warning Othello that a daughter that would betray her father may not be faithful to her husband. Iago then uses his influence to cultivate the seed of doubt planted by Desdemona's father, to tragic effect.


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