Briefly summarize Chapter 6 of "The Hound of The Baskervilles."

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Chapter 6 begins at the railway platform at London with Holmes seeing off Dr.Watson. Dr.Watson was accompanying Sir Henry Baskerville and Dr.Mortimer to Devonshire. Holmes instructs  Dr.Watson to report to him regularly and in complete detail whatever  happens at Baskerville Hall. He also advises Dr.Watson to carry his gun with him. After a short but pleasant journey they arrive at Devonshire.

As they drive down to Baskerville Hall they learn that Selden "the Notting Hill murderer" has escaped from the prison at Princetown and is now hiding in the moor. Soon they arrive at Baskerville Hall. Dr.Mortimer excuses himself and drives straightaway to his house. Dr.Watson and Sir Henry are welcomed by the butler Barrymore who takes care of all their personal needs and makes them feel at home. Barrymore announces that he and his wife intend to quit the place as they were both deeply affected by the death of Sir Charles, the father of Sir Henry.

Both of them, Sir Henry and Dr.Watson have their dinner and retire to their rooms for the night. Dr.Watson went to bed soon, but he couldn't sleep and he was tossing about in his bed "seeking for the sleep which would not come." Then suddenly he heard the sound of a woman sobbing and he listened  carefully and was convinced that the sound definitely came from inside the house. 

sudar5 | Student
  • While Watson boards a train for the countryside, Holmes tells him to keep an eye on Henry's neighbors and for anything that looks strange.
  • Watson, Mortimer, and Henry drive toward Henry's new home -- the Baskerville mansion. They learn that a killer has escaped into the gloomy countryside surrounding the mansion. The mansion looks run-down and haunted. Inside, it is like a castle, with paintings of a long line of Baskervilles.
  • Mortimer leaves for his own home.
  • Mr. Barrymore tells Henry that he and his wife will soon quit working at the mansion, because they feel too depressed since Charles, their old boss, croaked.
  • Watson goes to bed in a weird mood, but he can't sleep. In the middle of the night he hears the sound of a woman crying uncontrollably.
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