Briefly describe and then analyse the political cartoon.

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This political cartoon is meant to convey the idea that the young people of Britain (Britain’s future) are going to turn towards extremism and terrorism because they are not being given any options that look better to them.

The child, labelled “Britain’s Future,” is being given two choices.  He can choose between multiculturalism, which is portrayed as an aging hippie, and an unlabeled, but muscular, armed, and menacing figure that is, I would argue, meant to portray Islamic terrorism.  I say the unlabeled figure represents Islamic terrorism because of its swarthy skin and Middle Eastern features.  The use of a quote from Osama bin Laden also strengthens my belief that this cartoon is commenting on Islamic terrorism.

The quote from bin Laden says that people are drawn to strength and not to weakness.  In the cartoon, multiculturalism clearly looks weak.  It is old and bald, has skinny arms, and is strewing flowers in the air.  By contrast, the terrorist figure is heavily muscled and his strength is accentuated by the fact that he has a sword.  This all implies that the child will choose terrorism because terrorism is stronger.

Overall, then, this cartoon is saying that Britain needs to come up with something other than weak multiculturalism to combat the allure of terrorism.  It does not specify what the alternative should be, but the implication is that it would be something that is the opposite of multiculturalism.

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