briefly describe the struggle between the tiger and baldeo.

arpita12 | Student

The tiger approached Baldeo confidently who stood resolutely even in the face of impending danger. With swiftness of movement and angry snarls he attacked Baldeo with his right paw expecting him to fall down. But contrary to expectation, Baldeo intelligently avoided the confrontation with an agile leap and struck the tiger's shoulder with his axe. Roaring fiercely the tiger attempted to close in but Baldeo hit it with his axe which almost severed his leg. Unfortunately the axe remained stuck in the bone. Baldeo became weaponless and defenseless. Roaring painfully the maneater attacked Baldeo and tore his broken body. Within a few minutes Baldeo bid farewell to the world as he was embraced by the icy cold hands of death.

subhaditya18 | Student

When Baldeo hears a peculiar noise near the tunnel, he knows at once that the sound must have come from a tiger. Almost immediately the tiger begins to make its way toward him. Yet Baldeo is confident, since he has his axe. He manages to inflict grievous wounds on the tiger, but ultimately the tiger kills him. The tiger himself, however, is soon killed by the approaching train. Its severed body is found attached to the train at the next stop. As the story ends, Tembu has taken over his father’s job, and he also has come into possession of his father’s trusted axe, which he now knows how to use.