What are four common reasons for resistance to change within company?

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Among some common reasons for resistance to change are:

  • Poor communication on the part of those who are implementing the change.  It is common for news of the changes to spread by rumor, often inaccurately.  When those who are implementing the change do not give accurate and detailed information, people may resist the change on the basis of fears about what might happen.
  • Lack of trust.  When employees in a firm do not trust those above them, they will often feel that any changes are meant to hurt them.  This will make them resist.
  • Fear of loss of personal relationships.  People get comfortable with their coworkers and are often, therefore, worried about any changes that will force them to lose those relationships and/or have to form new ones.
  • Fear of having to start over in terms of expertise.  People who are good at one particular job may feel very anxious about changes that might force them to learn something new.  They worry about going from something they are good at to something at which they are new.

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