Briefly describe the Elephant Trunk Snake.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The elephant trunk snake is an aquatic snake.  Due to this, it feed mostly on fish and other water- based organisms. They prefer to live in environments where there is some level of concealment, allowing them to obtain their food better.  They are active creatures.  This makes sense as they live in the water and must be mobile.  They like to move and their behavior reflects their aquatic being, in being fluid and not chained to one particular location of being.  They are not very "particular" on the type of food they eat.  The snake feeds on most, if not all, fish and other similar type of aquatic organisms.  In eating fish, it will suffocate the animal until it is rendered helpless and then swallow it whole, sometimes with the animal still alive inside its stomach.  It uses its body to coil over the victim and then uses it as almost a "feeding hand" as it uses its mouth to swallow the animal.  It is a very flexible and limber animal, demonstrated in this process.  It is a very strong animal, not intended to be taken on by another creature, and is one that really uses its physical skill to overpower other creatures as food sources.

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