Briefly describe each one these three major causes and how they can be corrected:  Overcultivation, overgrazing, and deforestation

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Overcultivation occurs when farmers or agriculturalists disturb the soil around crops too much.  There is a certain amount of cultivation that is necessary to remove weeds and grasses that are not part of the cash crop.  Too much cultivation, however, can have the opposite effect desired, injuring the plants it is supposed to nourish.  The cure is simple: stop disturbing the ground by digging into it.

Overgrazing occurs when cattle, horses, sheep, and other applicable livestock are kept and fed from the same spot of ground too long.  The grass and existing ground cover must have some sort of recovery time to recover the vegetation that was removed, probably three to four weeks.  The livestock should be rotated from pasture to pasture to allow this recovery to take place.

Deforestation is the removal of existing forest.  Usually, this is done to sell the existing trees as lumber.  When loggers remove the trees, the general area is devastated, as these trees make quite an impact when they come down.  Care must be taken by forestry administrators to require clean up efforts while harvesting forest products, and to replant the area with new seedling trees.  Otherwise, an area that once was solid erosion-wise may become decimated, because of the removal of the root systems that kept the soil in place.

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