Briefly describe the Arabian Oryx.Explain the Arabian Oynx's behaviour, appearance, diet etc.

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ophelious eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Arabian Oryx is a (sometimes called the White Oryx) is a type of antelope that lives on the Arabian Peninsula.  It was extinct in the wild until recently, where stocks from zoos were used to produce some for reintroduction into the wild.

Overall, it looks like a cross between an antelope and maybe a goat or cow.  It's body is a bright white overall, with brown legs.  It is small for its kind, the smallest of the Oryx, standing about 3 feet tall and weighing around 150 pounds. It has long, strait horns (longer and straighter than "regular" antelope) and a "puff" at the end of its tail. They live about 20 years, and are mainly troubled by hunters and wolves.

The Arabian Oryx spends much of the day "relaxing" from the heat.  It will dig depressions in the sand to lay in and stay cool.  They are very sensitive to moisture and can sense rain, which induces them to move in that direction.  This search for food (and especially water) forces them to roam over huge patches of land. Luckily, they can go for several weeks without water.

They are small herd animals and generally friendly with one-another. They live on grasses and anything else that is able to grow in the harsh conditions.  They move from area to area after rainfall, munching up whatever green-stuff pops up and then moving on.  Though their horns are long and sharp, they don't really use them against each-other and most dominance issues are solved by posturing.