Briefly describe a product or service that you use and enjoy. Where is it in the product development life cycle? What recommendations do you have for improving the offering to fit your needs better? Be sure to consider the following: What level of quality and consistency does the offering have? How many features does it have, and can they be removed or added? Does the design and/or service deliver what the customer values? If not, how can it improve? What improvements would help the product or service compete more effectively against its competitors?

An example of a service that many people enjoy is online streaming services. It’s a rapidly growing service that could use some content improvements.

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Online streaming services are popular with most people because they provide steady content free from ads at a monthly fee. It’s a service that’s currently at the growth stage of its development cycle—companies like Netflix and Hulu are making a lot of money from offering such services. Since the market is hungry for more original content, video streaming companies should invest in fresh ideas and talent. That way, they can produce new quality content from the staff they have.

Speaking of the quality of content and consistency, video streaming services are doing their best to satisfy customers. However, the majority of content is either borrowed or lacks originality. You can predict how the movie or episode will end, because writers use the same “Hollywood script.” For example, if it’s a romantic comedy, the boy will eventually end up with the girl after going through a set of obstacles.

The streaming service has a search feature that you can use to find your favorite shows. It also has an auto predict feature that offers show suggestions based on your watch history. The auto-predict feature may have to be removed because it doesn’t always get the suggestions right. It also feels like the streaming service is trying too hard to keep you entertained.

As to whether the service delivers what the customer values, that’s up to the subscriber. Some people prefer watching something fun without thinking about values, while others cannot watch certain shows because of their principles.

An improvement that can help a video streaming service stand out is originality and spontaneity. Give viewers what they want, but also surprise them with a show they never thought they’d love.

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