From The Bible, could someone tell me what Ephesians 6:1 means?children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This verse instructs children to obey their parents in the Lord. What this means is that children should obey Godly parents. Parents who are in the Lord are spiritual parents. In the Lord also means that the Lord expects children to obey their parents. In the Lord means that we as children are his representatives. In the Lord means that he has set our parents over us and we should honor them by obeying.

It is a commandment to honor our parents. Parents teach children right from wrong. Parents know best because they are older and more experienced about life. As children, we are to show respect to our parents by obeying what they tell us to do.

With the commandment of Honor your father and mother, there is a blessing attached. If you show honor to your parents, all will go well with you and you may live long upon the earth.

It is to a child's benefit to honor his or her mother and father. Honoring those who have authority over us is extremely important. There is a chain of command set up and it is to our benefit to show honor to our parents. It is God's system of order. Without order, it would be total chaos. That is why God wrote the commandment of honoring our parents. God is orderly.

getreal | Student

We are to obey our parents in the Lord. We should also obey our parents even if they are not godly parents. In as much as is safely to do. We are not required to obey them if they ask us to do something that God commands us not to do. God has placed our parents over us. Even if we do not always agree with their instruction,the Lord tells us to obey them. This is the right thing to do.