In brief, write about solutions to adolescence problems.In brief, write about solutions to adolescence problems.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am not sure this can ever be answered or could ever be "brief."  Anyone who has the answers to the problems of adolescence should be counting their millions of dollars on an island.  All of this is to bring out the fact that there are many different problems in adolescence that are complex and distinct.  Solutions are challenging, as the term implies that the problems can be "solved."  One of the most difficult elements in adolescence is that little, if anything, is solved.  There is a tendency to understand and to acknowledge it for what it is, but "solutions" to these problems might have to be tailored back to "approaches."  For example,  the notion of "self" is something that is a challenge in adolescence.  One one hand, adolescence is a time period of self- affirmation, engaging in reverence of one's identity, and the freedom that comes with it.  On the other side of the coin, though, there is a social dimension to adolescence that is imperative to the process of its development.  Hence, one asserts their identity as an individual, but then acknowledges the sway of the peer group as holding major influence on that freedom and independence.  Another psychological challenge in adolescence is learning to stress "right" and "wrong" and apply it to a social setting that might say one thing about it, but embrace another side of it.  In the end, the collision between individual beliefs about truth and how individuals in society either deny or defer this helps to foster political activism in young people and helps to bring another level of dissonance between the individual and the world around them.  There is little, if any, solution to this other than the individual developing approaches to navigate such challenges.  One of these approaches is talking and communicating one's feelings, to articulate such a condition and to examine it for what it is as opposed to feeling trapped and pinned down by it.

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