Please give a brief summary on chapter's 10-14 in the book Fool's Crow by James Welch.

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agrinwald eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 10, the Lone Eaters meet with the trader named Riplinger. They discuss many things, but Rides-at-the-door hesitates to use English. When White Man's Dog returns, having been gone a long time, he is given a place of honor. He marries Red Paint, an act that his parents initially disapprove of. The chapter ends with the Sun Chief ceremonies as tensions between the tribe and many others increase.

In chapter 11, as well as chapter 12, the group of fighters, which includes White Man's Dog, raid the camp of the Crows. The battle is bloody and violent, and Yellow Kidney gets captured, beaten, and tortured by the enemies. White Man's Dog nearly escapes death by faking his own death during the battle, and as he ultimately fools the leader of the Crows, Bull Shield, he is given his new name "Fools Crow." White Man's Dog kills Bull Shield and proudly scalps the man.

As chapter 13 begins, Red Paint wakes up her husband by calling him by his new name, Fools Crow. White Man's Dog—Fools Crow—begins to feel uncomfortable with his new name and the praise that he's been receiving, since, as he sees it, the stories are largely exaggerated. A Napikwan, or white man, appears to talk to the tribe. Rides-at-the-door pretends not to understand what is being said, but the Napikwan tells the tribe that another white man was murdered ruthlessly by Owl Child.

Lastly, in chapter 14, tensions begin to rise amongst the Lone Eaters. There is much disagreement about what to do in regards to Owl Child and the Napikwan. Soon, Fools Crow envisions Raven, who tells him to kill the Napikwan with many shots. Fools Crow takes this opportunity to step out for a hunt, for he feels uncomfortable amid the tension. Outside, he encounters a Napikwan who begins to shoot at Fools Crow. Although he is hit with a bullet and wounded, Fools Crow comes out of the battle triumphant, skillfully killing the Napikwan.

brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Those four chapters are involve quite a few pages, themes and events, so I'm not sure how possible a brief summary is, but I'll give it a shot.

In chapter 10 of Fools Crow, we see White Man's Dog coming into his own in the tribe, gaining status and respect as a young man, and his marriage to Red Paint takes place.  This chapter and Part 1 conclude with White Man's Dog dancing at the Medicine Pole during the Sun Chief ceremonies.

Chapter 11 and 12 is where White Man's Dog and the war party are journeying to the Crow camp to go to war, and he gets his new name.  It involves the raid on the Crow tribe, how White Man's Dog accidentally does well, and earns his name Fools Crow.  It is also where Fast Horse screws up and Yellow Kidney is captured and tortured because of it.

Chapter 13 sees White Man's Dog being renamed formally, and recognized for his acts during the war party's attack.  It is also the first appearance of "Napikwans", whites as they make contact with the tribe.  They are soldiers - "Seizers" and this causes great concern.

Chapter 14 has Fools Crow in a one-on-one showdown with a mountain man, one that is very good at combat and the ways of the hills, so that Fools Crow is himself almost killed, but triumphs in the end.  They also talk of Owl Child and his crimes against the whites, and what that means for the tribe.

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