What is a brief summary of Fahrenheit 451?

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Fahrenheit 451 is about a firefighter named Montag, who lives in a dystopian future society that burns books instead of putting out fires. Books are illegal to own in this future society, and the firefighters are the special force in charge of destroying them. During a routine call to burn books in a woman's house, the woman commits suicide by lighting herself on fire, choosing to die with her books than to live without them. Montag, who has been feeling unsatisfied with his life and superficial wife, begins to wonder what is inside books that make them so powerful. He steals a book from the woman's house and reads it with his wife Mildred, who is unimpressed with literature. Montag seeks out a retired English teacher named Faber to learn how to comprehend what he is reading. Montag's boss, Beatty, intimidates him and tries to convince him that literature is garbage and has no place in the world. Mildred calls the fire department on Montag, and he is forced to burn his hidden books. Montag aims the flamethrower at Beatty, killing him, and runs away to Faber's house. As a manhunt for Montag ensues, Faber tells Montag where to find a group of travelling intellectuals outside of the city. Montag flees the city and meets up with the group in the forest down the river. The group's leader, Granger, takes Montag under his wing and teaches him how to remember books word for word in his mind. After a nuclear bomb levels the city, Montag, who is armed with new information, walks towards the city to share his knowledge and rebuilt a literate society.

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