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The term Renaissance means "rebirth" (French, "re-" + "naissance"). It refers to a rebirth of classical culture in western Europe in the 14th and 15th century, concomitant with major changes in politics and religion. The term "Reformation" is used to emphasize the advent of Protestantism and "Counter-Reformation" the reforms of the Roman Catholic Church in response to Protestantism; the Reformation is regarded as occurring in the middle or late part of the Renaissance. Although 19th and early 20th century scholarship argued for a major disjunction between "the dark ages" between the fall and or Rome and the "Renaissance", more recent scholarship emphasizes (1) continuity of culture in the Byzantine and Islamic East, with Greek literary and scientific works being widely available and (2) many periods of revival, such as the Carolingian and 12th century "Renaissances", and many scientific, economic, and cultural innovations during the western medieval period.

thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's French, not Greek, and spelled "Renaissance" not "Rennasaince".

demon300 | Student

it was the period which marked the end of the middle ages

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Rennasaince basically is a greek word meaning "rebirth"

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Normally, history books say that the Renaissnace began in Nothern Italy in the 14th century, but another version says that it began in Toledo on the Iberian peninsula where Christain and Muslim cultures mixed in the 11th century.

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