Discuss a brief charater analysis of Paro from "Devdas."

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I had to pare down the original question.  I certainly hope that you resubmit the second half because it's an important topic.  Chattopadhay's construction of Paro is an important one.  Paro is born to a family of a lower caste than Devdas.  She is shown to be the more flexible one in the relationship between them both.  Yet, when Devdas fails to stand up for her and then discards her when he leaves for Calcutta, her stubbornness, or vanity, is almost on the same level as that of Devdas. Paro is shown to be a woman who misses Devdas, harboring a secret love for him, but also one who understands that her condition as a woman.  She also recognizes that the insults suffered at Devdas' hands cannot be so easily forgotten.  She is willing to live with a muted love that will not be recognized than forgo her own dignity and pride that had been discarded by Devdas and his family.  In the end, Paro's character is one that is similar to Devdas "with a happy face."  Paro does not endure the self- hate and destruction that Devdas undergoes, but this does not mute the pain and hurt she feels at not being able to be with the one she loves above all others.  In this, the depiction of Paro as a woman who lives with pain in her heart as a love is denied becomes a part of the construction of her character and a representation of the Indian woman of the time period in that she is complex and carries much within her that the contours of society might not immediately acknowledge of validate.

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