In Bridge To Terabithia (Chapter 7), what did Judy read to Leslie and Jess Aarons while they were working?

Expert Answers
teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Bridge to Terabithia, Judy reads mostly poetry, some of which is in Italian, to Jess and Leslie as they work.

In Chapter 7, Leslie is helping her father, Mr. Burke, renovate their new home. Meanwhile, her friend, Jess, finds the enigmatic Burke family strange. He finds himself repulsed by the close relationship between Leslie and Mr. Burke, which he considers strange.

Parents were what they were; it wasn't up to you to try to puzzle them out. There was something weird about a grown man wanting to be friends with his own child. He ought to have friends his own age and let her have hers.

When Leslie confronts Jess about disliking her father, Jess demurs. However, he accepts Leslie's invitation to come and work with her and her father. As they work together, Jess comes to realize that he has never met such an intellectually-inclined family as Leslie's. He marvels that Mrs. Burke (Judy) often reads to them as they work. In time, Jess discovers to his surprise that he appreciates the intellectual stimulation despite his difficulty understanding Italian poetry.