Brian, the protagonist in Hatchet, is traveling via a small plane to visit his father, who has recently divorced Brian’s mother. In what town does Brian begin his journey?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Brian finds himself in the plane without a pilot after his pilot has a heart attack and actually dies right in front of him. He is terrified, since he has no idea how to fly or where he is. But one of the first things that he does is manage to get the radio from the pilot and try to radio for help. In the conversation with the one person he reaches, Brian tries to describe his situation so that someone might be able to rescue him.

He tells the listener that he started out his trip in Hampton, New York and is now on his way to the oil fields in Canada to visit his father. Outside of this, there is no reference made to any specific place or even much at all specific about his situation other than the glimpses of his "secret" and his thoughts about the divorce.

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