In Brave New World, why does Bernard go to the reservation?

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Neither Bernard nor the narrator directly explain why he wants to travel to the Savage Reservation. However, the text does give us clues.

Bernard is a highly intelligent Alpha-plus who is a dissatisfied misfit in his own society. In fact, Lenina is shaken when he wants to do things with her like go to the Lake District to walk and talk by themselves. She is so shaken by his oddness that she almost decides to go to the North Pole with another boyfriend.

Because he is so different and so intelligent, we can easily imagine a person like Bernard having a strong desire to see how people in another culture live. As an Alpha-plus, he is one of the few who are allowed to do so.

Further, when he realizes that his director is angry that he has persmission to go to the Savage Reservation, Bernard feels good, We find that he is

elated by the intoxicating consciousness of his individual significance and importance. Even the thought of persecution left him undismayed, was rather tonic than depressing.


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