In Brave New World,  who is the character that is able to quote and independently analyze many different literary and philosophical works, and why does he speak with such independence?

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juneamy007 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mustapha Mond is a highly intelligent and influential New World leader. He is the person that John turns to when he seeks a clear understanding of the history and purpose of the World State. Mond is appreciative of John's curiosity and his ability to comprehend the explanations that are given to him. Since Mond is an administrative leader, he has access to much literature that is prohibited to the common man.  Besides his scientific affiliations in his "old life", he continues to have access to the works of Shakespeare and the Bible. His unwavering belief in the World State system allows him to see past its shortcomings. In order to achieve the strength necessary to keep this New World on track, he is prepared to forgo emotions and relationships.

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