Is Brave new world the reality today?Is Brave new world the reality today?

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timbrady eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While I agree with everything already said, I am more afraid of the world of 1984 than that of BNW (although there is not much to be said for either of them).  We have had times in our past where our culture has gone superficial (cf. the Twenties), and we have recovered.  I think our present dip is wider and deeper, but we may be able to recover.  The manipulation of the truth, and re-creation of the past so that it really does not exist except as a vehicle for advancing either party's political agenda --- this seems much more dangerous to me because it may lead to such a centralized power structure that we will never be able to "get out."

It's not a great choice, but I'll take my chances with BNW. 

krishna-agrawala | Student

Brave new world is far from reality today, and it does not look like that it will ever become a reality.

Brave New World was written based on some trends observed by Aldous Huxley. With passage of time we see that the trend in many areas has slowed down or even reversed. For example, the class differences are now shrinking. Also need for workforce with limited mental capabilities is reducing as compared to need for people with better mental capacities - we some time use the phrase 'knowledge workers'  to describe such workforce.

In particular the development IT technology has given the humanity the ability to manage its affairs much more effectively without the need for centralized control as envisaged in Brave New World.

Failure of totalitarian regimes like U.S.S.R. is another pointer towards the unlikelihood of such regimes taking control of the World.

gent258 | Student

Brave New World is actually more relevant today than Orwell's 1984 in the developed world. In the United States we live in a highly sexualized world where we can get prescription drugs for almost anything from erectile dysfunction to depression. Relationships, however, are rare and difficult for us to start and maintain. Marriages break up easily; friendships either dissolve or are never made. We live in a very superficial society that is obsessed with looks, youth, style and money. High culture(the orchestra,ballet, opera, art gallery) has been replaced by pop culture(video games, tv shows, rap and rock music); newspapers are dying. It is fine to be stupid and vapid like Paris Hilton as long as you are beautiful, thin,and rich.Another book that is relevant is Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451,except that there is no need to burn books--for few people read them anyway. Soon, college degrees will come from online universities and even the sheepskin will mean very little other than that people have a crediatial for a job that won't exist in a few years. yes, Brave New World is the world we live in right now.