In Brave New World, the people lost their dignity, morals, values, and emotions because of the gov't. What characters accurately depict these losses?

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lkhernandez eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Lenina Crowne is an accurate depiction of these losses. Lenina is trained to think a certain way and she seems perfectly content to do so. Even though she has a yearning to form a connection with one man, the government looks down upon emotion and connection. Rather than follow her attraction to Henry Foster, Lenina follows the rules and dates Bernard Marx as well, because a connection with one man is not in accordance with government standards, promiscuity is. Lenina's willingness to be promiscuous and avoid forming a connection and succumbing to an attraction for one man exemplifies a loss of personal dignity and morals which would be acceptable in our society. She will not succumb to what she actually wants, but is firm on following what the government wants.

Henry Foster is the prime example of what the government conditions its people to be. He is not aware that Lenina has been faithful to him for four months, but expects her to date and sleep around as he does, because that is what people are supposed to do in their society. Henry is not capable of having any real emotions towards Lenina. He lives an existence in which morals, values, and dignity do not exist as we view them, but as the government has trained.

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