In Brave New World, how does Lenina reject John's love, and how does John suffer as a result of that?

Expert Answers
tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Firstly, Lenina rejects John's love because she doesn't understand it or where he is coming from. Two people from two different worlds are doomed to misunderstand each other's behavior with regards to love. John wants to do something brave to show her his love and devotion; yet, when he explains that to her, she has absolutely not clue what he's talking about because to her "everyone belongs to everybody." But her reaction is to do what she does with any man she wants. His reaction, sadly, prompts him to revert back to the social norms he understands.  All of the words that the women of the town called his mother all of a sudden come out and are directed at Lenina! Then, he reverts back to the male role-model that was in his life, Pope, and starts acting abusively towards Lenina like Pope treated him and Linda. The confrontation and miscommunication between John and Lenina is found in chapter 13. For more information, see the link below for character analyses.