Brauche eine Zusammenfassung(Eine Seite) über Marshall plan allgemein und über den marshall plan in Bezug auf Österreich.  Welche Länder waren beim marshallplan dabei...

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You ask for a summary of the Marshall Plan:

The Marshall Plan was begun in 1947.  It was a plan for giving large amounts of aid to countries of Western Europe to help them recover from the destruction of WWII.  The Plan was also meant in part to make sure that those countries would be more likely to be allies of the US rather than the USSR.

You ask about the Marshall Plan specifically in Austria.  Austria was one of the countries that received aid from the Marshall Plan.  It received about $1 billion (equal to about $8 billion today) in aid.  Although it got Marshall Plan aid, Austria's economic recovery was more difficult because it was still (until 1955) being administered by the four allied powers in their separate zones.

You ask which countries received aid...  All Scandinavian countries, all of the Benelux, France, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal.

moustacio | Student

The Marshall Plan formulated under the Truman Doctrine aimed to provide economic assistance to European nations that were in the midst of post-war reconstruction. The Americans also sought to use the plan as an attempt to contain the spread of Soviet influence on the European continent, especially in Eastern Europe. This was achieved through the establishment of economic ties with the US, which in effect would break any bonds these states had with the USSR. Policy-makers also sought to use the economic recovery of European nations as an outlet for the excess industrial output the American economy was generating.

parama9000 | Student

The Marshall plan was to help countries in Western Europe to recover from WWII and also to do so faster than that of the countries in the USSR.

The Marshall Plan affected countries such as Great Britain.

As to Austria, its progress was slower as it was controlled by 4 powers at that time.

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