Branagh's Film Interpretation of Hamlet what do you think the best way to analyze Branagh's film interpretation of Hamlet is? and by including camera angles, setting, transitions between scenes, acting, music, and mood and how these all contribute to help the audience grasp Shakespeare's masterpiece? I think that the film interpretation really does help because the camera angles show the audience the scene different characters are seeing like when Hamlet sees the ghost in the room, but his mother does not after Polonius is killed.

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I think you should focus on how set design is used for effect.  The movie has beautiful, crisp, clean, breathtaking sets.  These create a dazzling backdrop for Hamlet's madness and fear, and bring the play to life like no other movie does.

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Your best approach may be to compare and contrast Branagh's presentation of a scene with some other director's presentation of the same scene. Clips are readily available on YouTube. Two other productions you may want to look at are by Laurence Olivier and Mel Gibson. Comparing and contrasting always helps writers to focus on very concrete, very detailed issues. You might, for instance, want to focus on the very beginning of the play or the very end of the play, or perhaps on one of the famous soliloquies, such as "To be or not to be."

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I am not exactly sure what you want us to weigh in on in regards to this movie adaptation of the play.  The best way to analyze this movie version is come up with an overall observation about the play that you could then explore in your body paragraphs, considering any or all of the topics you list in your posting. For example, your thesis could be that Branagh highlights the intensity of the emotions of the characters in the play.  You could then talk about a scene where the camera close-ups show this, another scene where the lighting or special effects show this, and  another scene where the music and sound emphasize this. I think some of the best scenes to review are the opening court scene, the ghost's visit, the "get thee to a nunnery" scene with Ophelia, the closet scene with Gertrude, and the whole ending fight scene.

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