Please help me brainstorm my essay topic about stereotyping.

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Brainstorming is a technique used to promote ideas and is particularly successful in a group setting when one idea encourages others to think of more associated ideas and so, with several choices, the best solution can be found if it is a problem-solving exercise or the best ideas can be expressed and put into practice if it is a creative exercise. The concept behind brainstorming is that no idea is a bad idea and that sometimes it is the most ridiculous suggestions which produce the most original and often the best ideas and solutions. 

When a person is not feeling inspired, he or she can use brainstorming in order to find a starting point, something to generate ideas from. For an essay on stereotyping, there are many strong adjectives and actions that can be expressed simply and then expanded on in the essay. 

With brainstorming, the idea is that you do not have to start at the beginning so do not try to structure it at this stage. Think of the first word associated with stereotyping; perhaps it would be representative because stereotypes are representative of something. This then leads to what they represent, perhaps, set views, categories or oversimplified ideas and notions which possibly create a false reality upon which contradictory opinions are formed.  

Use key words to express the emotions associated with stereotypes such as opinion, simplistic, prejudiced, unjust, unfair, irrational, bigoted, hypocritical, lacking in understanding, ignorant, antiquated, making people afraid, angry, dis-empowered, superior, inferior based on race, color, religion, profession, class, wealth, sexual orientation, mental or physical disabilities and so on. Consider the contribution of culture to the creation of stereotypes.

You may also consider the outcomes often associated with stereotyping such as preformed ideas linked to a specific race or religion, for example. Opportunities also differ due to stereotyping and over-compensation is another possible word for consideration. Stereotyping has the potential to create division and discrimination. It may cause people to mistrust one another without foundation. Stereotyping exists in many societies, including democracies. Once you have all these, you can place similar ideas together to form the basis of the paragraphs. 

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many points that you can bring up when it comes to the topic of stereotyping. Here are some thoughts to get you started. 

1. You can write about the dangers of stereotypes. For example, you can write about gender, race, or age stereotypes and how they can be often times wrong and detrimental to society. 

2. You can also write about the prevalence of stereotyping as well. For instance, there is a big debate going on currently in among New York city politicians about the stop and frisk program. The contention is that mostly people of color are stopped and frisked. From this perspective, this topic is alive a well. 

3. You can also write about the perpetuation of stereotypes in the media. Consider recently movies. How are people from Asia, the Middle East or other places of the world portrayed? 

These points should get you started. 

jessalync | Student

You could start by listing common stereotypes and where they origniated.