In A Boy at War, what is the main conflict and the resolution?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As the war with Japan becomes more and more likely, Adam's father tells him not to associate with Davi Mori, his friend who is a Japanese American. Adam knows this is odd but struggles with trying to be obedient to his father even though it runs contrary to the way he feels he ought to act.

Once the attack on Pearl Harbor happens and Adam sees his father's ship the USS Arizona sinking, knowing his father is likely still aboard, he feels an enormous rage at the enemy, the Japanese who have just stolen his father from him. He has to hold himself back from immediately attacking Davi since he looks like the enemy.

The resolution of this conflict comes when Adam is able to overcome his anger and the fear and suspicion he feels for Davi and the other Japanese Americans. His resolution comes in maintaining his friendship with Davi despite the many reasons he has to turn on him.

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