In The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, how does Gretel feel about the new house?

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Gretel hates their new home at "Out-With." In Chapter 3, Bruno mentions that he hates it here and says that it's horrible. Gretel agrees with her brother and says, "I know what you's not very nice, is it?" (Boyne 24). Whenever Bruno mentions that he misses his friends, Gretel tells him that she misses her friends too. After Bruno shows Gretel the view of the concentration camp from the window in his room, Gretel is perplexed, and comments, "Who would build such a nasty-looking place?" (Boyne 32). Gretel notices the size and symmetry of each of the houses in the concentration camp and thinks deeply about their new environment. Bruno mentions that he was right when he told Gretel that there were children nearby. However, Gretel comments that they aren't the type of children she would be interested in playing with. She also says, "Those children look like they've never had a bath in their lives" (Boyne 37). As the novel progresses, Gretel develops a crush on Lieutenant Kotler and seems to occupy her time with fantasizing about him and studying. Overall, Gretel is not happy in their new home at "Out-With" and wishes to go back to Germany. 

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