A bowling ball and a bag together cost $88. The ball costs three times as much as the bag. How much does each cost?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer is $22 and $66 respectively.  The way to get that answer is as follows:

Let the ball be X and they bag be Y.

x + y = 88

x = 3y

Now we substitute the value for x in the second equation into the first.

3y + y = 88

4y = 88

y = 22

So that tells us the price of the bag is $22.

If the price of the ball is 3 times that of the bag, 22*3 = 66.

We can also see this is true because 66 + 22 = 88.


hala718 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let us assume that the cost of the ball =x

The cost of the bag= y

Then the cost for both is:

x+y= 88

But the cost of the ball = 3 times the cost of the bag

==> x= 3y

Now substitute with x=3y

==> x+y= 88

==> 3y+y= 88

==> 4y= 88

==> y= 88/4= 22

==> x= 3y= 3(22)= 66

Then the cost of the ball (x) = $66

and the cost for the bag (y)= $22

neela | Student

 The condition that ball costs 3 times as much as the bag enables us to say ball costs 3x and the bag  costs x. So the total cost is 3x+x = 4x which is actually $88. So the required equation is 4x = $88. Solving for x we get the cost of the bag. Therefore,

4x =$88.

4x/4 = $88/4

x = $22, being the cost of bag.

Cost of the ball =3x = 3*$22 = $66.



penguinsrule21 | Student

There are two variable factors in this equation

let b= bowling ball price

let g= bag price

therefore, your system of equations is



you now can input 3g for b and your system of equations is now


now, simplify and solve your equation



now, substitute g in the previous equation b+g=88





The bowling ball costs 66 dollars and the bag costs 22 dollars

Hope this helps!

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banarsi | Student

let the cost of bag=x


Cost of ball=3*(Cost of bag)=3x


Total cost=$88



Cost of bag=x=$22

coat of ball=3*x=3*$22=$66

radhika20 | Student


the cost of a bowling ball be x.

the cost of a bag be y.

then ACCORDING TO THE STATEMENT, we will get the following eqn

x + y =88[eqn 1]

now,the question says that ball costs 3 times as much as bag.

which implies that, x = 3y[eqn 2]

now by using the elimination method,

x + y =88

x = 3y which implies that x-3y=0

now multiplying eqn 1 by 3,we get



subtracting these two eqns, we get


which implies that, x=264/4


now x+y=88




therefore cost of ball=x =66

cost of bag=y=22.