The boss has a sudden shipment in the warehouse -- he has to move it out fast. So he says you have to do a lot of overtime this week. He has you work 8 am to 11pm from Monday through Friday. Your regular straight hourly rate is $15.00 per hour. How much will you be paid for the week? (this is really hard -- do it one day at a time, and be careful!) FYI: federal law: 1.5x per hour after 40 hours in a work week. (but no overtime for long hours in one day state law: 1.5x per hour after 8 hours in a day state law: 2x per hour after 12 hours in a day state law: 1.5x per hour 7th day state law: 2.0x per hour after 8 on 7th day.

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There is a sudden shipment to be taken care of that increases the work to be done. The employee works from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM Monday through Friday. The regular hourly rate at which the employee is paid is $15 per hour.

This week the total number of hours of work done is 15*5 = 75.

In each of the 5 days, the employee works for 15 hours.

According to state law, the employee has to be paid twice the regular wages for hours in excess of 12 hours a day and 1.5 times the regular wages for hours in excess of 8 hours a day.

For the 15 hours of work done each day, the employee gets 8*15 + 4*15*1.5 + 3*15*2 = 300. This is done for 5 days. giving the amount earned in the week as 300*5 = 1500.

For the week, the amount earned is $1500

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