Born in the winterHow bad for neurological health could it be to be born in the winter?

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It is a little bit silly, in our modern world. Back in our hunter gatherer days, there would have been less food in the winter and you would have been more susceptible to the cold. Even now, if you are taken outside in cold weather without protection that would not ne good, but I hope most parents know better.
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It is a little bit disturbing to me that these assertions are being made based on studies, and yet no one has posted links to these studies. Where are the links to the "expert" sources being used as fact? Please post those links so that people can check out the "facts" for themselves.

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The idea that people or animals will behave a certain way based on the time of year they were born is called seasonal imprinting. Studies in mice show that this may be a result of the difference in the biological clocks of those born in the winter compared to those born in the summer months.

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It appears that being born in winter can lead to an increased incidence of brain tumors in children and to more psychiatric problems for adults.

At least some studies have shown a connection between being born in winter and having a higher risk of being schizophrenic or biploar.

It should be noted that the causal connection appears to be day length.  This would imply that people born in more tropical reasons would not see this difference.

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According to the findings of scientists, the babies born in the winter season could develop neurological disorders like SAD (seasonal affective disorder), schizophrenia etc.

This fact could be explained by the altered behavior of the biological clock that makes the subjects born in the winter season prone to the neurological disorders described above.

The studies that revealed these problems were took on groups of mice.