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Borat:Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan in the Mockumentary Borat we see a man journalist traveling through the United States, recording real-life interactions with Americans. There are several episodes in the mockumentary that shows a lack of cultural understanding,  can you take an episode in the film and describe it in terms of socialization, role, deviations, sanctions, internalisation, and culture

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Borat's discussion of women with the driving instructor is one example of his deviation from Western norms. He is stunned to discover that American women are allowed to be with and marry whoever they want. Another very interesting scene in the film, and perhaps the most notorious, is when Borat hitches a ride with the college students, who turn out to be actually as bigoted and crass as he is. 

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There should be no shortage of examples of deviations in the film as the character Borat largely seems to revel in creating situations of social deviance to get a reaction from people. 

He drinks while taking driving lessons, for instance. 

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