In the book Night, what are three important messages?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Wiesel's narrative reveals so many messages.  It is difficult to limit it to three.  I would say that one profound messge is to alert individuals to the level of cruelty of which humans are capable.  There seems to be a limitless supply of cruelty and pain that humans are able to inflict to one another.  This is perpetrated by the aggressors as well as the targets of this abuse.  One of the most profound messages of the book is how victims are able to model the behavior of their aggressors and commit the same type of atrocious behavior to one another.   The treatment of the people of Sighet to both Moshe the Beadle as well as Madame Schachter are early instances of how truly terrible it is to see the victims of cruelty modeling the same behavior to one another.  Despite all of this, the resounding message is one of survival and the capacity that humans possess to endure and, eventually, triumph.