In the book Wonder, when does Amos first show up?

Expert Answers
jameadows eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Amos appears for the first time in the chapter "The Halloween Party," told from Summer's point of view. On page 122, Summer speaks about all the couples at Savanna's party, including Ellie and Amos. The character of Amos next appears in the chapter "Back from Winter Break," told from Jack's point of view. Jack describes Amos as "a pretty straight-up kid" (page 168). The fact that even Amos only gives Jack a half nod means that Jack has really become a social outcast because Julian is punishing Jack for his friendship with Auggie. Later, Amos is mentioned as on Julian's side, in the list that Charlotte makes (page 177). Over time, however, Amos is one of the kids who becomes tired of Julian's nastiness. When Julian grabs Jack's backpack and puts pencil sharpener shavings into it, Amos grabs the backpack and hands it to Jack (page 209). Amos grows weary of watching Julian be so cruel, and he realizes that he should treat Auggie well.