In the book of The Witch of Blackbird Pond, why did Judith start liking John Holbrook?

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Judith is a practical girl.  She is attractive and could probably marry any man that she wants to marry.  Originally, Judith did have her eyes/heart set on William Ashby, but Kit's presence ruined that plan.  William Ashby saw Kit in church on Sunday and was immediately enamored with her.  William announced that he would like to begin calling on Kit.  Everybody expected Judith to be upset, but she responded by claiming that it was no big deal, because she plans to marry John.  

"Oh, I'm not holding it against Kit," Judith said airily. Suddenly she tossed her head. "As a matter of fact, Kit can have William with my blessing. I've changed my mind. I'm going to marry John Holbrook."

Judith might be playing it off like it is no big deal, but I do think that she is hurt.  But remember, Judith is a practical girl.  She understands that finding and locking down a good, faithful, and supportive husband is the end goal.  She knows that John fits those traits, and Judith knows that she won't have to compete against Kit. 

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