In the book The Witch of Blackbird Pond, how does Kit Tyler change over time?

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Kit Tyler changes quite a bit over the course of this story. When readers are first introduced to Kit, she is a rich and spoiled girl. She is used to having fine clothes and servants. She is really out of her element when she comes to the Puritan colony in Connecticut, and she is shocked to find out how difficult manual labor actually is. Additionally, she comes to the colonies as a fairly strong supporter of the crown, so it is very surprising for her to hear such open talk about defying the King. Kit tries to fit in, but she does not do a great job of it. A big roadblock for her is her friendship with Hannah Tupper, but Kit does eventually prove to the community that she is working to do right by their values. By the end of the book, Kit has really come to appreciate the hardworking Wood family. In fact, she decides to not return to Barbados and become a governess for a wealthy family. Instead, she chooses a life that allows her to be close to Nat, Hannah, and all of the people that she has grown to love.

She did not dare to look up at him. "Can I see her, Nat?" she asked instead. "Will you take me on board?"

"No, not yet." His voice was full of decision. "I want to see your uncle first. Kit—" his words came in an unpremeditated rush. "Will he think it is enough—the new ketch? There'll be a house someday, in Saybrook, or here in Wethersfield if you like. I've thought of nothing else all winter. In November we'll sail south, to the Indies. In the summer—"

"In the summer, Hannah and I will have a garden!"

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