When Jeff Comes Home

by Catherine Atkins

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In the book when Jeff comes home at the end it doesn't say too much more about Jeff and Vin's friendship. Are they still friends after all that? i think that they could have told a little more about their friendship but they didn't

Expert Answers

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We aren't sure what really happens at the end. The author leaves it up in the air how Jeff will deal with the psychological damage that Ray has inflicted upon him. Vin becomes angry at Jeff when he finds out Jeff has been lying about the sexual abuse. Because Vin is unable to comprehend what Jeff has been through, his reactions to Jeff are out of ignorance. What happened to Jeff was so horrible that it is difficult for anyone to understand the depth of Jeff's feelings. It's possible that in order for Jeff to ever heal, he may have to distance himself from the people who knew him before his abduction. His friends and family want the old Jeff back, but he can never be that Jeff again because of what Ray did to him. Jeff feels such shame and guilt around them that he may have to find new friends if he has any hope of healing and going on with his life.

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