In The White Tiger, what resolutions are made of the major conflict(s) that were faced by the main characters?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The White Tiger, the resolutions made by the main characters are heavily influenced by the corruption of the city and the conflicts in moral values.  For example, when Pinky Madam kills the young boy on the street during her joy ride, Mr. Ashok must find a way to cover up his wife's crime.  Instead of trying to be morally upright, Mr. Ashok allows corruption to guide his hand and he and his wife pay Balram to remain silent.  They then blame the death on Balram and the police accuse Balram of the murder.  Continuing to live under unjust men then becomes a major conflict for Balram, and he solves his problem by gaining his economic freedom the only way he knows how--he murders Ashok and takes a large sum of money from him to run away and start a new life.  Balram knows that what he has done is morally wrong; however, he feels that he took an opportunity that was handed to him as part of the system.