In the book, what are all the skills that Matt learns from the Indians?

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In exchange for teaching Attean how to read, Matt learns some important survival skills from his Indian counterpart.

The first thing Attean teaches Matt is how to hunt rabbits. In Chapter 9, Attean shows Matt how to fashion a snare from trimmed saplings, a sturdy branch, and the roots of a black spruce tree.

In Chapter 10, Attean shows Matt how to carve a fish hook from a maple sapling twig. He uses his sharp knife to carve a piece as long as his little finger, makes a groove in the middle of the small stem, and sharpens both ends of the stem. With this hook, Matt discovers that he can use two worms to land a bigger catch. Also, armed with the knowledge to make new hooks whenever he pleases, Matt discovers that he will never have to worry about losing hooks again.

When Attean makes a fire to cook the fishes, Matt again learns something new. Attean...

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