In In the Time of the Butterflies on chapter 11 on April 11 what happened to Mate?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is actually one of the most disturbing scenes that I found when I read this book. Chapter Eleven narrates how Maria Teresa, the youngest of the four Maribel sisters, is taken from her cell, and brought to a torture room. There, she is stripped to her underwear. She is made to watch as her husband is brought in and beaten up. Then, in an effort to persuade her husband to reveal information, the guards torture her with electricity, in the hope that witnessing his wife in such pain might encourage her husband to relent and give in. Note how Maria Teresa herself describes her experience:

Bug Eye stood before me, holding a rod with a little switch. When he touched me with it, my whole body jumped with exquisite pain. I felt my spirit snapping loose, soaring above my body and looking down at the scene.

What is interesting is that after the torture is over, Maria Teresa reports that the guards who had carried out this heinous act all looked ashamed of themselves for their participation in her torture.

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