In Book Three, Chapter One of 1984, Winston is in jail.  How is he treated there and why?

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cbots eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nothing much happens to Winstonn in 3.1; he believes that he is in the Ministry of Love, and the telescreen keeps close watch over him while he in his holding cell. He notes the difference in demeanor and treatment between common criminals and the people who have committed crimes against the Party, he sees his neighbor Parsons, who was accused by his daughter of committing thoughtcrime, he learns that O'Brien is not a member of the Brotherhood but is indeed a committed Party member, and he is smashed on the elbow with a truncheon by a guard. Up to this point, Winston thought that he would be able to tolerate physical pain, but now he realizes that physical pain is the worst thing in the world, and the only thing that he should wish for is that it stop.