In Things Fall Apart, what is the summary of chapters 9 and 10?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 9, Okonkwo finally sleeps and thinks about his uneasiness in killing Ikemefuna. As he goes to sleep he remembers a childhood parable about the mosquito and the ear. Another similar animal fable is told by Ekwefi to Ezinma later on in the chapter. During the night, however, Ekwefi tells Okonkwo that Ezinma is dying. Okonkwo collects bark and leaves to make a medicine to cure her. Ekwefi only has one child, having given birth to ten and nine of them dying. A medicine man said this was because the children were all changeling children who dies and returns to its mother's womb to be reborn. The third child is mutilated and dragged into the Evil Forest so that it will never return. Ekwefi believes Ezinma is another changeling child, but because the sacred stone that linked her to the spirit world was dug up, Ekwefi believed she was going to stay. Okonkwo prepared the medicine and places a blanket over the pot and Ezinma so she has to inhale the fumes. Finally she emerges drenched in perspiration.

In Chapter Ten, the justice system is described. Only men participate. The women observe as outsiders. The elders sit on stools and sound gongs. Then the the nine masked spirits of the clan enter. Each of these masked spirits represents one of the villages in Umuofia. The leader is called Evil Forest and is the eldest masked spirit. His appearance is frightening as his body is made of smoked raffia and he has a huge white wooden face with two horns.

The case of Uzowulu is brought before the spirits. He is a wife beater whose wife and children has been taken away by her relatives and was also beaten by them. He wants the bride-price back. Others say Uzowulu is a beast because he has beated his wife so severely. The nine spirits confer together. Evil Forest tells Uzowulu to go to his wife's family with a pot of wine and beg for his wife to go back with him to his house. Then he says to the wife's family that if wine is presented, the wife must return with him. Then, at the end of the chapter, a land dispute case is brought before the spirits.