In Things Fall Apart, what is the summary of chapters 7 and 8?

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Chapter 7 begins with a description of how well Ikemefuna has settled in to Okonkwo's household, and in particular what a good influence he is being on Nwoye. Both boys listen to the stories fo Okonkwo about violence and war instead of Nwoye's mother's stories, which are about animals and their religion. Nwoye wants to gain his father's approval and so pretends he does not like these stories.

Oguefi Ezeudu, who is the oldest man in the village, tells Okonkwo that Ikemefuna needs to be killed because the Oracle of Hills and Caves has pronounced the boy's death. Ezeudu also says to Okonkwo that he wants him to have nothing to do with the boy's death, as Ikemefuna calls Okonkwo father. When the elders gather to collect Ikemefuna, Okonkwo tells him he is going to go home. Ikemefuna is very confused because his home is now in Okonkwo's household. The group travels into the forest. Ikemefuna feels uneasy at first, but takes confidence in the fact that Okonkwo walks behind him. However, when one of the men growls at Ikemefuna, he becomes afraid, especially because Okonkwo goes to the back of the men. Okonkwo hears the blow of the machete and Ikemefuna running towards him, shouting "My father, they have killed me!" Okonkwo then draws his own machete and kills Ikemefuna.

Nwoye senses that Ikemefuna has been killed and is impacted as a result. When Okonkwo returns from having killed Ikemefuna, a deep chill overcomes Nwoye.

In Chapter Eight, Okonkwo does not eat for two days after this event and is haunted by Ikemefuna. He visits his fried Obierika and asks him why he refused to kill Ikemefuna. Obierika replies that the Oracle did not ask him specifically to kill Ikemefuna and says that if he had been Okonkwo, he would have stayed at home, as what Okonkwo did will have displeased the Earth goddess.

News is brought of the death of Obguefi Ndulue, the oldest man in Ire. Ozoemena, his first wife, died on the same day, which is thought to be strange, as they were said to have had one mind. Okonkwo does not understand why such a strong man should enjoy such a close relationship with his wife.

Then Ibe arrives with his father and uncle because he wants to marry Obierika's daughter, Akueke. The men negotiate the bride price and then food and palm wine is served. As the men eat and drink they talk abotu their neighbours and criticise their customs. Obierika mentions stories he has heard of white men, the colour of chalk, but people don't believe him.

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