The Book Thief: What is the impact of Max in Liesel's life and what is the importance of Max as a character?

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Max Vandenburg is a Jewish man who hides in Liesel's home. His father protected Hans, Liesel's foster father, during the First World War, so Hans tries to keep Max safe from the Nazis even though it puts his family's lives in danger. Max and Liesel, even though they seem quite different, can relate to each other in many ways. They both admire Hans and love his accordion, and both experience nightmares about what they've gone through in the past.

Max is important to both Liesel and the story. He writes books about Liesel, telling her how her friendship gives him strength during his hiding. He becomes one of her greatest friends and helps bolster her love of books, leading her to write her own story. Liesel, by listening to Max, learns more about the world around her and becomes emotionally stronger.

Max also functions as a sort of one-person Hitler resistance fighter. Though he's stuck in a basement throughout the story, he stays resilient against Hitler. In fact, he imagines physically...

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